WEBSITE UPDATE: Our NETcinity product has been replaced with our more advanced cityKONNEKT product!



cityKONNEKT - Importance of Community Mobile Apps

Where is the NETcinity product now?

Trinity Proximity is proud to announce that our original product called NETcinity has been upgraded to our newest product line called cityKONNEKT! All existing communities that once operated under our original NETcinity community mobile app platform have now been moved to our new and much more advanced cityKONNEKT community app platform. 


What is the difference between Trinity Proximity's "NETcinity" product and their newer "cityKONNEKT" product?

In 2016, Trinity Proximity created the NETcinity product to help connect the local residents in communities with the locally owned businesses in their towns. NETcinity was a completely universal mobile application that could dynamically alter itself from town to town where our technology existed. However, in the past years since our company launched, our database has outgrown the abilities of the original "universal application" called NETcinity and Trinity Proximity had to find a solution to the increasing demand. Therefore, in late 2019 Trinity Proximity created a custom-built solution called cityKONNEKT! The cityKONNEKT product uses all the original patented technologies of our existing NETcinity product, but now uses far more advanced integrations in each community! Plus, the cityKONNEKT product now creates a fully customized community mobile app platform for each local community that it represents! In March of 2021, Trinity Proximity successfully moved its last operating NETcinity community over to the newer cityKONNEKT custom platform. All future communities that Trinity Proximity launches will operate under the more advanced cityKONNEKT platform.


How do I find out more about Trinity Proximity's newer custom-built product called cityKONNEKT?

Check out all the powerful custom platform features of the cityKONNEKT product over at and find out how you could possibly own your territory* as one of our licensed franchisees! (*Special Note: Subject to your territory availability) 

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