NETcinity Affiliate Program


We host a robust sales model offering our powerful NETcinity Platforms on a commission based referral sales model to qualified professionals looking to choose a career in sales & technology!


What's the primary differences? 

Online Affiliates

Our affiliates are our online digital marketers and online product promoters. The NETcinity online website system has been designed on a Kartra website system allowing for full digital online marketing using sales funnel processes and lead tracking. Our regular affiliates generally register to sell NETcinity products and services from an existing list of business clients, or from a matured online email list launch.

  • 30% Residual Commissions

  • 5% Team Override (JV Broker)

  • Commissions Portal

  • Sales Tracking Links

  • No Territory Protection


Platinum Consultants

Our Platinum Sales Consultants are individuals who promote NETcinity products and services primarily in their own home town area or general region. Even though our consultants receive all abilities & resources to be able to promote digitally as an online affiliate too, they primarily focus directly on local businesses within their own geographical region. Our local Platinum Consultants receive contracted regional protection with locked local territory options (where available). Our Platinum Consultants also have extended replicated site options into their local NETcinity mobile app. Complimentary business listings entered by a Platinum Consultant have the consultant's dedicated purchase link listed directly in to the business's listing. When a Platinum Consultant is approved for a specific zip code region (or multiple zip codes) then the general in-app purchase button for a new business is then tied directly to that Consultant. This means that any new business signup subscription that does not already have any other referring consultant attached will be automatically awarded to the territory Platinum Consultant by default. Localized consultants are better represented as NETcinity authorized representatives with all the supplied resources provided to make trusted in-person appearances to clients. Platinum Consultants are also given the ability to recruit local entities to assist in sales! Local entities like the Chambers of Commerce, downtown business alliances, or even local radio stations or newspaper outlets can also be recruited as contracted re-sellers under the Platinum Consultant for a 5% override residual from those entity's sales as well! All Platinum Consultants also receive full NETcinity Platinum Platform service including all equipment. Please see all terms & conditions concerning our territory contracts. Please also note that once a zip code region has been claimed - it is removed from availability to others. Apply now and see if your territory is available!

  • LOCKED *Territory Option

  • 30% Residual Commissions

  • 5% Team Override (JV Broker)

  • Commissions Portal

  • In-app Purchase Links

  • Complimentary Listings

  • Automated Email Drips

  • Sales Tracking Links

  • Sales Resources

  • Corporate Email

  • View the tutorial video below for all the available benefits!


includes 1 zip code *protected territory - additional zip codes available at $10 each - *please see all terms & conditions

Which Program Would Best Fit Your Sales Goals?

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Is your closest network of potential clients from online traffic or matured email sales lists? Or, are you a local personality who wants to be a local NETcinity technology celebrity? Or, are you a entrepreneur and interested in possibly owning the contracted rights to your local territory and/or building sales teams?

Online Sales


For Online Marketers


$0 online access portal for tracking codes/links issued after approval.



Powerful In-Person Demo's with *Protected Territories

(requires approval for available territories)


$69/month includes 1 zip code protected territory region - additional zip codes available at $10 each